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18 Июль 2021


 18 июля, 2021
Категория Новости

Моя малышка ПАНДА, добралась до своего дома в Литве к очень замечательной девушки Неринге, долгой и хорошей жизни моей шилопопке. I still cannot believe that after such long months of waiting she is finally came to us yesterday! Very happy to introduce our new and very long awaited family member.
Svobodnaya Staya ZenZen — Panda From the time since she was a little baby she was growing perfectly beautiful, I was amazed every time when I saw her pictures how better and better she gets. But pictures is nothing compared to real life, she is a wonderful puppy, super human oriented and super crazy, I cannot wait to see how she grows and what the future will bring us She has an outstanding pedigree and her sire is one of the most known representative of the breed Grand Jch/Ch Multi BIS Svobodnaya Staya Yamal. I have always said that if I’ll ever get YL it will be his offspring So happy that some dreams actually come true and we have a baby of such wonderful dog with us after waiting for so long! Hope she will follow pawsteps of her daddy DOB 2021.03.20
Sire: Svobodnaya Staya Yamal (Soltan x Altyn Tumar Udivitel’naya)
Dam: Zhenev’eva (Russkaya Skazka Zvezdochet x Chimgi Tura Bolshaya Panda)
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