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21 Сентябрь 2019


 21 сентября, 2019
Категория Новости

The first IDS «Podmoskovnyje Vechera» in the Serpuhov.

Svobodnaya Staya Brooklyn-very promising-I, Best Male Puppy

Svobodnaya Staya Pelagea -very promising-I, 
Best Female Puppy and BOB Puppy

Svobodnaya Staya Karmen — CW, CAC, Ch.RKF and BOS

Svobodnaya Staya Yamal — CW, CAC, Ch.RKF and BOB

Besides, our beautiful Yamal won:
▪️«Pride Of Russia» Winner
▪️BIS-I (first time at the Iте.DS after FCI breeds recognised on a provisional basis)

Thanks all judges Реваз Хомасуридзе , Oleg VasilievSavvas Hadjisavvas , for your professional judging.

It was very important and hard day for us, and I want to say thanks for all Yakutian Laika’s owners and congrats them. We did it!

I want to express special thanks to Станислав Городилов, who did so much for our breed and for her future. And thank you for being with us at that day.

Thanks Женя Николаева for your incredible work♥️ When I saw you with Yamal in the main ring, I couldn’t believe my eyes, that this is my dog and my handler.
Thanks Евгения Дарина for great grooming

Thanks for support Инна Гнатюк , Анастасия НемиловаЛиза НемиловаРавиль ЖианшинSvetlana Kromm Михаил Вадимович,Сергей Иовенко I’m happy person, because I have such great friends like you.

Many thanks to the organizers IDS «Podmoskovnyje Vechera» 
It was a great pleasure to be the part of this wonderful event!!!

Thank you Полина Лаврентьева for photos, it’s great, that I can remember every moment from this day.

п.с.Спасибо всем огромное за поздравления!!!!!!!